Book review section added

Over the years, I have managed to collect quite a number of books on virtually almost any topic related to software development. Many of them rather serve as a reference while others have been read completely. Certainly, the quality of books varies heavily even though I always try to pick what appears to be the most promising ones.

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Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 released

The day finally has arrived! After two beta versions and one release candiate, Microsoft today announced the general availability of its highly anticipated (at least by me) development environment Visual Studio 2010 as well as the latest version of the .NET Framework.

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Book about Boost

Every serious C++ developer certainly has at least heard about the Boost C++ Libraries. It is a set of highly generic C++ libraries aimed at a wide range of application domains. Most of the libraries are developed using state-of-the-art C++ and either build on top of the existing C++ standard or provide reference implementations for future enhancements. Many of the libraries available so far have actually made it into the next version of the C++ standard (C++0x).

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